• Provide Technical Support during the Pre-Bid Phase of a Design-Build Project.
  • Work for either FDOT/MDX or the Contractor.
  • FDOT/MDX can hire PHD to prepare RFP’s and provide support during the procurement phase.
  • Contractors can hire PHD to lead the design team, assist on ATC development and assist with Technical and Price Proposals.

Agency Owners

  • Evaluate Alternatives
  • Identify Risk Items
  • Develop RFP Design Criteria
  • Support FDOT/MDX during Procurement Phase

Highway Contractors

  • Represent Contractor / Direct Design Team
  • Lead ATC Development
  • Technical Proposal Production
  • Price Proposal Support

SR 821 (HEFT) Widening from SW 40th St. (Bird Road) to SR 836 RFP Criteria Package Development Design-Build Project: Walfry Pevida, PE (PHD) - Design Project Manager