Staff Experience

95 Express Lanes Phase 1 from S of SR 112 to N of SR 826 Design-Build-Finance

Client: FDOT District 6 MCM / FCC
Location: Miami-Dade County, Florida
Construction Cost: $140 Million

The 95 Express Lanes Phase 1 project in Miami-Dade County was the sixth managed lane system to go operational in the nation and the first in Florida. The project converted the existing High Occupancy Vehicle lanes to express toll lanes on this heavily trafficked corridor that serves more than 250,000 vehicles a day.

The project had three major milestones; 1) 95 NB between SR 112 and Golden Glades Interchange, 2) 95 SB and 3) 95 NB from SR 836 to SR 112. The project was delivered on a fast track with the first milestone going operational in less than one year from NTP. The 95 Express project featured many innovations ranging from highway, bridge, MOT, ITS, Signing, Lighting and Toll facilities design.
The project earned numerous awards and has been very successful. It ultimately became the pilot project for the various Express Lane projects underway in Florida!

*Staff Experience:
- Walfry Pevida, PE – MOT EOR (Stantec/C3TS)
- Ernesto Fabregas, PE – Drainage EOR (Stantec/C3TS)
- Pablo Bielecki, PE –Conceptual Project Engineer (TY Lin International)

95 Express Lanes Phase 1 Design-Build-Finance